suwaru Meditation Lounge

Meditation Session

by nirmal method

Start the day peacefully and observe yourself at the end of the day.

Let Master Nirmal guide you through the process of preparing your mind and body.

Here is an environment where you can practice meditation in a calm and serene way.

A session with suwaru is a time to stop and reflect on yourself.

We invite you to come with us for a maintenance session.

We can work directly with you, either in the meditation lounge or online, to get a better understanding of your vision.


Meditation Talk Live

Every Monday,  8pm-9pm.

Instructor: Nirmal Raj Gyawali

Capacity: 10 people

Fee: 3,000 yen 

Guests from various fields are invited to this talk session where Nirmal, a meditation master, will answer questions about life and life's problems. We will experience a meditation together on the theme of each talk.

Evening Meditation

Every Thursday,  8pm-9pm.

Instructor: suwaruCertified Coach

Capacity: 10 people

Fee: 3,000 yen 

Meditation at night can help you get rid of mental and physical fatigue and get a good night's sleep. The Night Meditation, also known as therapy, is a great way to properly maintain your mind and body for good health.

Morning Meditation

Mon, Wed, Fri, 7:30am-8:30am.

Tue, Thu,  9am-10am.

Instructor: suwaruCertified Coach

Capacity: 10 people

Fee: 3,000 yen 

Mornings are a good time to realize that there are fewer distractions. Start your day with a clear mind by starting your day with Morning Meditation, which allows you to get the energy in your body to enjoy a positive day.


Every Wednesday, 7pm-8pm.

Instructor: HIKO KONAMI

Capacity: 10 people

Fee: 3,000 yen 

The vibrations of the air generated by the instruments with overtones, including the singing ball, are transmitted from the ears to the brain and body to vibrate the body, which works on the water and capillaries in the body and naturally leads to a deep meditative state.

Please experience relaxation while listening to the quiet and gentle sound.

Notes on Joining the Meditation Lounge    

Session tickets must be purchased in advance from the system at least 30 minutes prior to the session.    

We will provide cushions for you to use while you meditate in the studio.  

Please wear comfortable clothes when practicing.    

There are no changing rooms in the meditation lounge, but you may change your clothes in the restroom.  

We have also asked the staff to wear masks to prevent corona contamination.    

The water servers and other beverages are not available, and towels are not loaned out.    


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To use the coupon: Fill in the coupon code on the reservation form and confirm with ">" next to the coupon, then proceed to the credit card payment.

We will close it as soon as it reaches capacity.




suwaru meditation Event

1day workshop

A day to get your mind in order

Learn and practice mindfulness meditation.

Date: September 13. (sun)

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 (Time zone: Japan)

fee: 5000 yen  

Instructor: Nirmal Raj Gyawali

How to study: studio or online (ZOOM)

Special Coupon


Coupon Code.  1day-20

To use the coupon: Click on the "booking" button below and fill in the coupon code "1 day-20" and press the ">" button next to the coupon to confirm your reservation and proceed to the credit card payment button.

We live in a fast-paced, stressed-out world where work, family, and technology, such as smartphones and social networking sites, force us to stay connected to someone else 24 hours a day, with no time to rest our bodies and minds.

It is extremely difficult to stop and reevaluate ourselves in this new normal, which is still accompanied by anxiety.


In this day and age when the new normal is in the air, it is very important to maintain the brain as well as the body.

We think and act with our brains every day. And our brains are happy! and emotional aspects, such as sadness and anger, reflect the movement of the mind. Clearing and activating the brain waste (garbage) that builds up every day helps to regulate the mind. Mindfulness meditation is an effective way to do this.


In this 1-Day workshop, we will learn to "be mindful" to release stress and regulate the mind so that each of us can develop a healthy mind and regain our "true self".

Event Details

We will focus on the benefits of meditation and how to incorporate it into your daily life.

Lecture   Basic Mindfulness : 2h
Learn what mindfulness is to increase the effectiveness of your meditation. 

Practice  3Mindfulness Meditations : 1.5h

You will experience breathing and meditation techniques to change your mind in a short period of time.

Instructors Founder

Nirmal Raj Gyawali


A thoroughbred in the world of meditation, he began teaching royal and governmental officials at the age of 15. He holds a PhD in Yoga Meditation and graduated in Business Administration from the prestigious Tribhuvan University and became a meditation researcher with a strong business background. A professional educator who has taught in 20 countries for almost 30 years and has turned out over 100 yoga and meditation teachers since coming to Japan in 2003, he founded Swal Corporation in 2019. He offers numerous meditation and mindfulness techniques and Nirmal methods for modern people and business people.

Book published by Shogakukan, with numerous media appearances including TED.



Nepal Arogya Ashram Yoga PHD

Yoga Alliance America, the

Yoga Alliance Australia


He studied Business Management at the prestigious Tribhuvan University in Nepal and has developed meditation for modern business.

In this course, he will share essential and cutting edge methods that have been re-imagined with a scientific approach.


How to Enter


To get to the 4th floor of the EAT PLAY WORKS building, please follow the directions below.

Walk 10 meters to the right of the Blue Bottle Coffee. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Go left, past the white counter and take the outside stairs on your right to the 4th floor. You will be greeted by a nice terrace. Open the door and behind it you will find the studio.


If you have any questions, please call us

070 1532 0145

Weekday mornings only (it may be difficult to connect during the session)

Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays


Contact us to inquire about a session.



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